The plug and play solution to power your small satellite.

Sparkwing is the world’s first commercially available off-the-shelf solar array for small satellites. It is optimized for LEO missions requiring power levels between 100W and 2000W, and bus voltages of 36V or 50V. We offer more than twenty different panel dimensions, which can be configured into deployable wings with one, two or three panels per wing.

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3 Easy Steps

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Our Product and Technology

What do you get?

  • A reliable solution that is built on decades of expertise and experience.
  • Assured quality for an attractive price with a short lead time.
  • A ready to launch product, with easy ordering and easy integration onto your spacecraft.
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About us

Sparkwing is our off-the-shelf solar array answer for the small satellite market. Sparkwing offers a high value for money, short lead time, easy to integrate solar array from an experienced team and a reliable supply chain.

Sparkwing is a product of Airbus Netherlands (Airbus NL). Our product has its foundation built on 40 years’ worth of experience providing satellites with power. Since 1979, more than 85 space missions have flown or are flying with Airbus NL’s solar arrays, all of which successfully deployed in space and perform as expected.

Sparkwing was developed by a core team of Airbus NL engineers shown in this picture. Currently a small dedicated team is responsible for running Sparkwing and keeping it future proof!

The People

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