Sparkwing at the conference

1 September 2020
Adapting to the Covid19 situation, the Small Satellites Conference took place in the virtual form between the 1st and 6th of August. Our team joined many of the interesting sessions, and acquainted themselves with a lot of exciting developments and brilliant minds in the world of smallsats.

We were most excited about showcasing Sparkwing in a presentation at the Small Satellites Conference on August 6th to an enthusiastic audience.


Although solar arrays are usually custom-designed and built for every single space platform, rapid developments nowadays in the smallsat market require a more “Commercial Off-The-Shelf” approach. We wanted to share our findings and advance the ideas and processes behind the standardized ‘SparkWing’, our solution for a COTS-like solar array in this market!

Marloes, our Programme Manager, presented the recent developments and latest status of Sparkwing, and also led an active discussion on the following:

  • Given the many smallsat platforms and launchers, can solar arrays be realized as a COTS component, and how?
  • What are the design trade-offs and parameters for such a standardized solar array?


The poster we showed at the Smallsat conference is available for download here.

If you like to see the presentation as well, please get in touch with us!