Sparkwing demonstrator with mPower solar cells to fly on the Momentus Vigoride Transfer Vehicle

14 October 2020
An in-orbit technology demo on future solar power technologies for commercial small satellites is brewing in Q4 2020. mPower Technology’s DragonSCALES solar cells have been integrated and tested on a next-gen Sparkwing In-Orbit Demonstrator flying with @Momentus’ Vigoride Transfer Vehicle.

At Sparkwing, we are always looking for cutting-edge technologies that will change the approach to space power in subsequent missions. A Sparkwing technology demonstrator will be flying on the Momentus Vigoride Transfer Vehicle in Q4 2020, carrying mPower’s disruptive DragonSCALES solar cells.

The solar power needs of emerging small satellite missions are changing: this in-orbit demo will illustrate test cost and performance advantages of this new technology for potential use in future Sparkwing generations.

A big thank you to MomentusmPower and GTM for making this happen!

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